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Campus bars not only businesses impacted on Unofficial

By Lilly Mashayek

March 3, 2016

Each year, Unofficial draws both University students and visitors to the many businesses located around Campustown, which can be a big boost to some popular campus locations.“We definitely get more customers,” said Kyle Spesard, general manager of Jimmy John’s on Green Street.He said the restaur...

Green Street Jimmy Johns involved in security breach

By Daily Illini Staff Report

September 25, 2014

The Jimmy John's sandwich shop at 601B Green St. is one of 216 Jimmy John's stores that has had customers' credit and debit card information leaked. According to a Jimmy John's press release, the intruder was able to uncover card information between June 16 and Sept. 5 by stealing log-in credentials f...

How to eat healthy on a budget

August 14, 2014

One of the benefits of moving into an apartment is that you are completely in control of what you eat. If you gained the dreaded freshman 15 (give or take a few pounds), you might see this as an opportunity to start choosing healthier foods. While campus dining provides students with a variety of me...

The sober experience: Watching Unofficial unfold without the ‘beer goggles’

The sober experience: Watching Unofficial unfold without the ‘beer goggles’

By Declan Harty

March 10, 2014

From Guinness, green beer, Blue Guys, and Jello shots to the occasional beer bong, Unofficial always offers a variety of beverage choices. But on Friday, my drink of choice was Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee. As drunken crowds of students sporting the colors green, white and black populated campus, I watched Uno...