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Have respect for your teachers in class

By Jason Schwartz, Columnist

August 9, 2016

Talking during lecture, discretely playing on our phones in class, these are both things that almost every college student has done, whether they would like to admit it or not. These indiscretions can be overlooked when you think about it in the context of an individual making a personal decision to n...

University professors named Guggenheim Fellows

By Daily Illini Staff Report

April 11, 2016

Six University professors were named to the 2016 Guggenheim Fellows list. Over the past three years, 13 University faculty members have been given this distinction. MS to an April 6 press release, the 178 successful candidates were chosen from a group of nearly 3,000 applicants in the founda...

Child care poses a problem for academics

Child care poses a problem for academics

By Yi Zhang

September 28, 2015

Students often only realize their professors’ role in the classroom, but another major part of a job in academia entails attending conferences to present the research professors conduct.Rachel S. Harris, professor in comparative literature, recently contested the child-care challenges many scholars fa...

Another defeat for Bears on Sunday in one-sided rivalry with Packers

Another defeat for Bears on Sunday in one-sided rivalry with Packers

By Mubarak Salami

September 30, 2014

Growing up, my older brother and I were always very competitive. Due to our love of sports, we frequently played one-on-one pick up basketball games, raced 100 meters and held various contests to compare our athletic abilities. We developed an intense rivalry. However, I could never beat my brother. He was always one se...