Moms Weekend 2024: Live Coverage

A group of moms and their children riding an Illini Pub Cycle on Green Street, Saturday, April 13.
A group of moms and their children riding an Illini Pub Cycle on Green Street, Saturday, April 13.
Candice Zhou
Friday, 6 p.m.

The temperature is significantly cooler as the sun begins to set. More students and their moms are walking around campus while traveling from activity to activity. Happy families are grabbing a bite to eat at the restaurants on Green Street and waiting in lines at the bars for happy hour.

Many students are taking their moms to go see the Illini Musical’s production of “Big Fish at Lincoln Hall among other events.

“Today, we are going to go see the Illini Musical’s production of ‘Big Fish’ and then we’re grabbing dinner after,” said Allison Stortzum, freshman in LAS.

“We are coming back from a painting event at the Campus Honors Program house and on our way to see ‘Big Fish’ at Lincoln Hall,” said Serena Naji, freshman in LAS.

It is a common theme among students and their moms to take it easy today in preparation for an activity-filled day tomorrow. Many of the activities are provided through their registered student organizations, whereas sporting events are also popular to watch.

“Tomorrow, we are going to watch the baseball and softball games,” said Laurie Stortzum, an Illini mom.

This weekend promises to be full of events and fun-filled memories. Check The Daily Illini for more updates throughout Moms Weekend. 


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Friday, 8 p.m.

As the sun sets on Champaign, the street lights flicker on and the bass-filled music from the bars fills the streets. 

On this fairly warm Friday night, moms and their children make their way to one of the many bars that line Green Street for an outing that hopefully mom will be paying for.

Arpita, mother of a senior at the University, was heading to KAMS with three other moms and their kids, “We’re here to celebrate our kids.”

As the lines got longer, some moms had other plans. Kaite Leander, mom of Owen Leander sophomore in Business, is taking her son grocery shopping tonight. 

“Pretty much anything he wants, he kinda goes carte blanche” Kaite Leander explained when asked about their shopping trip. “I definitely push for fruits and vegetables because I want to make sure he gets enough of those.”


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Friday, 8 p.m.

Dusk has fallen, but the night is just getting started on Green Street. Students and their moms bustle from place to place, getting ready for a night out on the town.

Lines at the bars are short, creating the perfect time to grab some drinks after happy hour and before tonight when the crowds roll in.

Campus bars have begun their Moms Weekend celebrations, and senior in LAS Madison Humanicki was headed from dinner at Joe’s to karaoke night at KAMS this Friday night.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna go to the winery and also vineyards,” Humanicki said. Alto Vineyards in Champaign has a slew of activities and events planned for the upcoming weekend.

Humanicki also shared plans to check out the Illini Union Board Craft and Vendor Fair on campus tomorrow.

Taking place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow, the Craft and Vendor Fair will feature local vendors from around the Champaign-Urbana area.

One mother and son duo have a plethora of Greek-sponsored events this weekend. “There’s brunch tomorrow at the country club for his fraternity,” said Delta Tau Delta mom Anne Adelstein. “Then he has an event for his business fraternity.”

Roaring music blasts into the night from campus favorites The Red Lion, KAMS and Joe’s, and mother-daughter and son duos can be seen starting the weekend with fervor.

“We’re trying to hit all the bars,” Humanicki said. “But right now KAMS has karaoke, so I’m really excited for that.”


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Saturday, 12 p.m.

With the sun shining down on CU, the second day of the 2024 University Mom’s Weekend has begun. 

As the afternoon begins, students and their moms start to wake up, hopefully defeating last night’s hangover, and pull themselves together for another day of Moms Weekend celebrations. 

Already, Green Street has begun to fill with families anticipating the start of another day. Some students and their moms can be seen purchasing Illini gear from the Illini Union Bookstore and Game Day Spirit, with proud mothers instantly changing to support their children.

Moms and students alike are excited about the beginning of another day.

“I’m just looking forward to being with my family and friends and seeing everyone out on this beautiful weekend,” said Lily Coyle, freshman in ACES.

Some students take a more wholesome approach this morning, crowding breakfast restaurants and coffee shops. Across campus, different organizations hold events in honor of their moms.

“We are having a cookout, so kind of just joining with all the families from our scholarship house and just being with the other moms,” said Ashley Roman, freshman in the Evans Scholar program.

Many are preparing to introduce their moms to their favorite spots around campus and their friends. Still, some are already preparing to teach their moms more about the culture of “The Drinking Illini.”

Moms and students are packed into the line for Joe’s Brewery on Fifth Street, hoping to get into the bar promptly for Block. Other moms and their children are yelling in excitement on Green Street on their way to their first destination of the day.

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Saturday, 3 p.m.

A balmy 72-degree April afternoon served as the perfect backdrop for widespread family fun on campus.

Houses in Seniorland could be heard blaring classic rock favorites from the ‘60s and beyond, with outdoor parties overflowing onto the sidewalks. Groups of students and moms could be observed walking around campus, with many Greek-affiliated students throwing mom-oriented parties across campus.

Sarah Troglia, a University alum from Glencoe, Illinois, is visiting her daughter Bella Troglia, senior in Education, on campus.

“This year is extra special because it’s her senior year and I went here too,” Troglia said. “It’s great to do things at the University, go out to eat and reminisce about places that I’ve been.”

According to Troglia, spending time with her daughter and her friends during this weekend has given her the opportunity to gain insight into their lives on campus.

“It’s super fun to be around her friends and see them in their element,” Troglia said. “Now, I kind of understand who she’s meeting and see where she goes to classes.”

Local bars such as KAMS and Joe’s Brewery were a popular choice for those inclined to take their parents out on the town. The lines to enter these establishments sustained their impressive magnitude throughout the afternoon, with the happy hour crowd beginning to file in around 2 p.m.

The bars, which continue to offer special Moms Weekend programming throughout the day, were abuzz with friendly conversation, throwback tunes and hearty introductions.

Troglia said her daughter planned out a whole itinerary of events for her.

“Last night, we went to dinner in Champaign, went to some bar afterward, then went to another bar on campus this morning,” Troglia said. “We went to something at the Union, did some exercise. Then, we came here and there was a band at the house next to us, so we listened to music.”

In addition to bar-centered activities, there were University-sponsored events at the Illini Union, Activities and Recreation Center, Krannert Center and several sports venues across campus. According to Troglia, these options make the weekend compatible with various interests and preferences.

“When I went here, Moms Weekend was a little bit more formal,” Troglia said. “There was a big brunch and a hotel and, while some moms went out to the bars, not all of them did. I think the moms now are involved a little bit more, and they’re doing much more with their kids.”


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Saturday, 8 p.m.

After a beautiful sunny day in Champaign-Urbana, the sun has finally set. Green Street, however, is becoming more and more crowded as the night is starting to begin.

Temperatures remain in the 60s, which is pushing people to continue outdoor activities. Students and their moms are walking on Green Street while deciphering what their evening plans are going to be.

“Don’t know what the plans are yet. We plan on walking down Green and possibly grab something to eat,” said Danny Blidy, senior in Engineering.

While many are strolling through Green Street, some are pedaling through the crowded street. Many students and their moms are found to be skipping the bar lines and enjoying the evening by participating in a pub crawl.

“The night is going great! It’s been awesome,” said Emma Prybylski, senior in ACES.

As Moms Weekend is almost coming to an end, many students and their parents are staying positive and enjoying every moment they can.

“Spirits are high,” said Sarah Lindflott, junior in ACES.

“It’s super fun for me because I went to school here, so I always love going down memory lane. My kids love hearing about it,” said Karen Lindflott, Sarah’s mom.

The night is still young, and so is the Moms Weekend coverage. Stay tuned!


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Sunday, 12 p.m.

It’s another beautiful afternoon in Champaign, when the early April rain gives way to sun, and the moms are out in full force. 

Lillian Prendergast, freshman in Applied Health Sciences and member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, discussed what she and her mom, Gina Prendergast, did over the weekend. Pi Phi hosted numerous events for moms this weekend, including bouquet making, a performance by the acapella group The Other Guys and permanent jewelry making. 

“(We were) hanging around doing stuff with the sorority, and then going to places on campus,” Lillian Prendergast said. “Then we’re probably going to go to an Illini softball game.” 

“She was a high school and travel softball player,” Gina Prendergast added. “We enjoy going to softball games.”

Gina Prendergast is an alum of the University and recalls her experience with Moms Weekend as a student. 

“I was in another sorority and we had Moms Weekend and my mom came from the Chicago area,” Gina Prendergast said.  “We did the same things — the sorority had a luncheon or different things for mom. I have fond memories.” 

Dean Patterson, assistant manager for the Illini Union Bookstore, observed Moms Weekend is a popular shopping weekend. 

“The moms tend to do a little more shopping for their children,” Patterson said. “Dads Weekend seems to be: take (them) to a football game, take them out to eat, give them $100 and go home. But moms tend to go shopping together. So it’s always fun to see.” 

Patterson added Moms Weekend is low-pressure and fun compared to other days when the bookstore is popular, such as back-to-school shopping. 

Although the bookstore usually carries merchandise directed at parents, the selection of mom-specific items increases during Moms Weekend. 

“We tend to have more variety around this time of year,” Patterson said. We probably won’t restock once we’ve listed what we have.”


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