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California to Illinois: The out-of-state experience

California to Illinois: The out-of-state experience

By Michelle Tam, Design editor

May 25, 2016

The out-of-state experience at Illinois is fun and rewarding.

Illini 4000 prepares to bike across the country

Illini 4000 members will bike through 13 states on their 4,519.1 mile journey starting May 23.

By Brittney Nadler

April 29, 2015

They end at the Golden Gate Bridge, weave past accident-prone casual bikers, and glide down one final hill before reuniting with their families on a beach after 73 days apart. They are Illini 4000, a registered nonprofit and Registered Student Organization that raises money for cancer research, patient supp...

Never too late to find a Greek home

Never too late to find a Greek home

By Rebecca Kapolnek

February 10, 2015

Sometimes it isn’t about the journey, it’s the destination that truly matters. Over the last four years in my sorority, Sigma Kappa, I have seen this idea live up to its meaning when it comes to spring or “informal” recruitment. Taking the nontraditional route and joining a sorority ...

Box Office Report: “Inherent Vice”

Box Office Report: “Inherent Vice”

By Jack Heyden

January 29, 2015

I don’t know what the hell I just saw, but I liked it.  You know those films that you see and can barely follow because there’s so much going on, but then after straining your mind for an hour, it suddenly hits you? That was me about halfway through this film.  Ever since I saw “The Master,...

How companies cook up food trends

STAGE 2: Specialty magazines, channels, and stores. 

By Susan Szuch

January 22, 2015

Everything from kale and Greek yogurt to gluten-free cookies and microbrews are now finding homes on supermarket shelves. What were once only available in high-class restaurants, farmer’s markets or specialty stores are now almost commonplace; stores are allowing consumers to make more informed choices...

Illini golf win NCAA regional

Illini junior Brian Campbell took home individual honors in the 54-hole tournament. The Illini won the NCAA regional Saturday, securing their spot in the NCAA Championships.

By Johnathan Hettinger

May 19, 2014

The Illinois men’s golf team is back where it’s supposed to be. Two weeks after finishing second in the Big Ten Championship, breaking a five-year winning streak, the Illini won their NCAA regional on Saturday, guaranteeing a spot in the NCAA Championships for the seventh straight year. The Sugar Grove, Illi...