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International secondary teachers learn about ‘American Dream’ through University program

Mive Ovezova chats with international teachers at an indoor sushi picnic in the International Studies Building on Friday, June 26.

By Mariah Schaefer

June 25, 2015

The “American Dream” has been talked about, written about, taught, and explored by many Americans over the years. But this summer, secondary teachers from all over the world get to learn about it firsthand at the University.Every summer since 2013, the Center for Global Studies hosts a six-week p...

Unifying cultures through cricket

Students play cricket on the South Quad on April 24. Participants are members of the Cricket Club of Illinois, a registered student organization. Cricket tournament finals will be Sunday on the South Quad.

By Abrar Al-Heeti

April 30, 2015

Every Friday night since April 4, the South Quad has transformed into a cricket field.Over 100 people, mostly from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, spread out across the lawn to play cricket for recreation. They also prepare for their upcoming tournament finals, which will be on Sunday on the South Quad.So...

Ellnora: Internationally-recognized guitar festival announces lineup

Legendary Louisiana-born bluesman Buddy Guy took the stage at ELLNORA in 2013 at the Krannert Center.

By Camille Murray

April 22, 2015

Three days. Seven locations. Twenty-nine performances. This is what music-lovers have to look forward to at the 2015 ELLNORA Music Festival. The annual event will be held Sept. 10 through Sept. 12 at the Krannert Center. This year’s list of scheduled performers was announced Monday. The festival began...

Asha UIUC hosts annual campus Holi celebration Saturday

Koren Hayes, junior in AHS dumps her bag of color on a friend's head at Holi on Saturday, April 11.

By Emily Scott

April 13, 2015

Holi has always been Pratim Patil’s favorite holiday. He remembers the colorful Indian holiday as a highlight of his childhood. “Kids might look forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas,” Patil said. “For me that favorite holiday was Holi.” Patil’s favor for Holi has now transferred to his work as event coordinato...

Viewing from an outsider’s eyes with Larry Kanfer

Larry Kanfer's, professional photographer and 1979 alumnus, work on display in the Illini Union as part of his past exhibit “Illinois Trilogy.

October 27, 2014

Professional photographer and 1979 alumnus Larry Kanfer returns to the University with his new exhibit “Larry Kanfer: Illinois Trilogy.” In this exhibit, Kanfer features collections from Chicagoscapes, Prairiescapes and university photography. The exhibit is open to the public at the Illini Union un...

Former UI professor celebrates 102nd birthday

Janardan Kukreti, former University professor of veterinary medicine and Champaign resident, celebrates his 102nd birthday in his son’s house on Saturday. 

By Abrar Al-Heeti

October 13, 2014

Janardan Kukreti has more than a century’s worth of life experiences under his wing.  On Saturday, Kukreti, former University professor of veterinary medicine, and his friends and family members gathered to celebrate a major milestone in his life: his 102nd birthday. Forty guests arrived in the mornin...

University Langar event inspires similar Langar on Capitol Hill

University Langar event inspires similar Langar on Capitol Hill

September 3, 2014

When walking into the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C., the sight of nearly 145 congressional leaders, staffers and the surrounding community sitting on the floor eating a vegetarian meal would seem out of the ordinary. But for the first time on Capitol Hill, the building played host...

Modern Greek Studies to screen ‘Twice a Stranger’ documentary

Esma — great grandmother of Sebnem Ozkan, outreach coordinator at the European Union Center — was a Turkish woman who was forced to flee Greece with her five children.

By Brittney Nadler

May 7, 2014

Her name was Eleni, and she was just a toddler when she and her siblings fled Turkey barefoot with everything they could carry during the forced migration of the early 1920s. With her brother at her side, disguised as a girl so the Turks wouldn’t take him, they set off toward boats that were sent to...

Campus celebrates spring festival of colors

Holi participants throw powder in the air and dance during the celebration. Holi is an Hindu spring celebration that is also called the festival of colors.

April 21, 2014

The soccer fields behind Florida Avenue Residence Halls and Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls exploded with color Saturday afternoon. A throng of students, children and parents threw colored powders and water back and forth, pockets of people danced to the loud rhythmic drumming and the hybridized...

Investigating marketplace literacy in India

Rural village homemaker in India.

April 9, 2014

I knew I was in a very different place as soon as I stepped out of the airport. It was about 1 a.m. local time. I immediately spotted two stray dogs scavenging through trash on the ground. In the distance I saw a group of at least 20 people sleeping on a public lawn. I boarded a bus that was greeted b...

The Origins of April Fools’ Day

By Bridget Hynes

April 1, 2014

April Fools’ Day, a holiday now known for pranks and jokes, is celebrated across the nation and throughout the Western world on April 1. However, the lighthearted event, alternatively known as All Fools’ Day, does not have the clearest origins.   The most popular explanation has the holiday running ...