Best of CU 2024 | Results

Best of CU 2024 | Results

Editor’s Note

Bringing you live event coverage, local food reviews and in-depth coverage of your favorite performers in Champaign-Urbana, the buzz section is highlighted every year in The DI’s Best of CU edition. Although the buzz magazine officially ended print production in 2016, the journal has continued its legacy under The DI ever since.

For over two decades, Best of CU has brought readers a list of the hottest spots and activities in the area as chosen by the people. With over 90 categories containing everything from businesses to restaurants, dorms to dining halls, mental breakdown areas to bus stops, the buzz team and student staff of The Daily Illini have compiled it all for you to enjoy.

For the first time ever, buzz is presenting Best of CU in a magazine format instead of our traditional print newspaper. This magazine contains your complete list of 2024 Best of CU winners, as chosen by you.

Wondering where to have an awkward — but hopefully successful — first date? Check out page 13 to see which community location was voted Best Date Spot. 

Interested in what students have crowned Best On-Campus Bar and Drink? Take a look at pages 30 and 31 to put an end to the age-old debate of which bar and beverage take the cake.

Want to catch more shows and further explore the C-U music scene? Head over to our Music and Arts section starting on page 43 to discover the community’s picks for best local band, venue and more.

With Moms Weekend coming up fast, be sure to take a look at our Moms Weekend insert starting on page 49 to find the best places to go out to eat together, the best place to hotel to put her in for the weekend, and most importantly, the best place to store your dad while you two spend some quality time.

The University is a hotspot for a diverse blend of good eats, hidden gems and local treasures. The 2024 edition of Best of CU is here to be your ultimate guide to our fun community.

Best Academic Building
Best University Library
Best Residence Hall
Best Place to Cry
Best On-Campus Bus Stop
Best Sports Venue
Best Place to People-Watch
Best Place to Hammock
Best Place to Park
Best Apartment/Leasing Company
Best Place to Meet New People
Best On-Campus Workout Spot
Best Intersection
Best Off-Campus Study Spot
Best Off-Campus Entertainment
Food & Drink
Best Family Restaurant
Most Unique Restaurant
Best Drunk Food

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Best Breakfast Place
Best Vegetarian Food
Best On-Campus Bar
Best Off-Campus Bar
Best On-Campus Drink
Best Off-Campus Drink
Best Mexican Food
Best Asian Fusion
Best Japanese Food
Best Chinese Food
Best Italian Food
Best Middle Eastern Cuisine
Best Coffee Order on Campus
Best Study Spot — Food
Best Study Spot — Coffee
Local Businesses
Best Smoke Shop/Dispensary
Best Place to Get a Haircut
Best Small Business

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Best Thrift Store
Best Grocery Store
Best Liquor Store
Best Place to Get a Piercing
Best New Business
Best Customer Service
Music & Arts
Moms Weekend
Best Place to Take Your Mom for Brunch
Best Place to Take Your Mom for Dinner
Best Hotel for Moms Weekend
Best Place to Store Dad While You And Mom Shop
Best Bar For Your Mom
Best Frat to Take Your Mom
Best Drinks to Buy Your Mom
Best Place to Go on a Walk with Your Mom
Best Place to Take Your Mom Clothes Shopping
Best Activities to Do with Your Mom
Best Costco Finds to Make Your Mom Buy for You
Best Place to Buy a Gift for Your Mom
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